Pulcioso ExtraMayer



Registration by Department of Health N° 20.043


  • PULCIOSO EXTRAMAYER is an insecticide spray for environments and surfaces, in particular for fleas who stay in the same places with dogs and cats, characterized by quick knock down effect and good residual effect on resistant animals too.
  • Insects die within a few seconds from spraying.
  • PULCIOSO EXTRAMAYER can be used in presence of insects to battle or on surfaces they frequent, at a 30cm distance minimum, and in places where dogs and cats live.
  • PULCIOSO EXTRAMAYER has to be sprayed keeping spray can in vertical position, pushing the cap and directing upwards in the environment to be cleaned from insects, taking care of spraying carefully and moving around throughout the operation so to diffuse the product in every space.
  • Dispense for 4/5 seconds, keeping the rooms closed for 10/15 minutes.
  • About ticks: spray on surfaces to be treated from 30cm distance for 15 seconds per m2.
  • We suggest opening the windows for an adequate period to aerate the room before sojourning in.

Spray: 300 ml






Registration by Department of Health N° 20.066


  • BIOMAYER is a ready-to-use watery liquid insecticide, with huge scope, quick knock down effect, flushing effect and with an excellent residual effect which lasts for 3 weeks.
  • BIOMAYER contains denatonium benzoate, an extremely bitter substance which avoids involuntary ingestion by children.
  • BIOMAYER is efficient against flying and crawling insects like mosquitos, Asian tiger mosquitos, flies, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, ants, bedbugs, dust mites and foodstuffs.
  • BIOMAYER can be used profitably at: home (bedrooms, kitchen, utility rooms and storage rooms); generic public places; industrial zones; means of transport and animal shelters.
  • Using the fitted spray nozzle (in absence of it, you can use a manual sprinkler), the product should be squirted uniformly on the surfaces frequented by insects.
  • BIOMAYER should be applied along floor edges, walls, windows, door jambs, windowsills, window fixtures, skirting boards, crevices, behind pipes, furniture, sinks, electrical appliances and in every hardly accessible place.
  • For open space treatments, employ the product along the perimeter of buildings, sidewalks, walkways, etc…
  • To control mosquitos outside, spray BIOMAYER on bushes, ornamental plants and grass.
  • Using 1 liter of product to treat 15-20 m2.

Bottle: 500 ml