Registration by Department of Health N° 19.884


  • MOSCA MAYER PLUS is an immediate action insecticide spray, specific against flies, mosquitos and other flying insects.
  • Insects die within a few seconds from spraying.
  • MOSCA MAYER PLUS has to be sprayed keeping the jet upwards in the environment to be cleaned from insects, taking care of spraying carefully and moving around throughout the operation so to diffuse the product in every area.
  • Dispense for 4/5 seconds, keeping the rooms closed for 10/15 minutes.
  • We suggest opening the windows for an adequate period to aerate place before sojourning in.
  • Repeating the treatment only if necessary and, anyway, some hours later.

Spray: 500 ml

Mayer Speciale Volanti


Registration by Department of Health N° 19.584


  • MAYER SPECIALE FLYING INSECTS is an insecticide spray suitable to fight against flying adult insects (wasps, flies, mosquitos, midges, bedbugs).
  • Spraying MAYER SPECIALE FLYING INSECTS directly inside the room, on perimeter of the windows, under the windowsills and on nests.
  • MAYER SPECIALI FLYING INSECTS is an insecticide spray with a quick and long-lasting action.

Spray: 400 ml

MoscaMayer Granulare



Registration by Department of Health N° 19.931


  • MOSCAMAYER GRANULAR is a ready-to-use granular insecticide based on azamethiphos, an active ingredient with an excellent knock down effect and a long-lasting residual effect.
  • Its action evolves by contact and ingestion, in particular against flies.
  • The high presence of sugary substances in its formulation and its yellow coloration endows to the product a unique attractiveness and appeal for flies.
  • MOSCAMAYER GRANULAR should be used in every livestock attended by insect like stables, pigsty, chicken coops, etc…, taking cure to localize the product where flies lay on, e. g. repairing and sunny places, windowsills, shelves and other places out of reach of cattle.
  • MOSCAMAYER GRANULAR performs an efficient containment action against flies’ population if used near to dunghills, pigsty, storage of biodegradable substances and in every place where there are substances that can facilitate the presence of flies.
  • We suggest pouring the product on trays or sheets of paper, carton, plastic or similar material to remove it easier when necessary.
  • The product retains its insecticide proprieties unchanged for 15 days.

Sachet: 100 gr




Registration by Department of Health N° 19.370


  • QUIKMAYER is a product specifically designed to protect you from mosquitos in open space where you want stay for some hours.
  • The first immediate effect of the product is to kill every mosquito in that area; in the following 8 hours, it kills and repels mosquitos trying to get into the treated area; 8 hours without bites.
  • QUIKMAYER works against all kinds of mosquitos present in Italy included Asian tiger mosquito, which bits even during daytime.
  • It works against sandflies and flies too.



  • Spray uniformly on the perimeter surface of the area to be defended from mosquitos for 3-4 seconds per meter and about 1-1,50 meter far from surface (terrace, patio, gazebo, stand, veranda, garden,…)
  • Wait for some minutes before going in treated areas.
  • If correctly used, it is not toxic for plants.



  • Spray uniformly in the environment, upwards, for a few seconds.
  • Aerate the room before sojourning in again.

Spray: 500 ml

Formula Mayer Concentrato Plus



Registration by Department of Health N° 19.885


  • FORMULA MAYER CONCENTRATO PLUS is a concentrate insecticide easy to dilute in water, with quick knock down effect, flushing effect and a good residual effect in particular against flying and crawling animals like flies, mosquitos (include Asian tiger mosquitos), horseflies, wasps, hornets, cockroaches, roaches, mites, fleas, bedbugs, ticks, scorpions, flour moths, palm weevils, etc.
  • Its action evolves mainly by contact and ingestion.
  • FORMULA MAYER CONCENTRATO PLUS is used in: urban agglomerations, streets and urban parks, sub-urban areas, tourist resorts, camping, houses (included cellars, garages, and storage rooms), shops, public and private buildings, nursey schools, barracks, cinemas, theaters, dining halls, hotels, restaurants, kitchens, bars, hospitals, care homes, warehouses and food storage, stables, rural buildings, storage for cigarettes and tobacco, industrial environment, areas and sectors (food industry, paper industry, textile industry, tobacco industry), storage of garbage, means of transport (airplanes, ships, trains, buses).
  • FORMULA MAYER CONCENTRATO PLUS is recommended, furthermore, to destroy above-mentioned insects in bushes, grass, hedges, boulevards and ornamental plants.
  • FORMULA MAYER CONCENTRATO PLUS should be diluted according to doses indicated on label, and the solution should be sprayed with hand pump or pressure pump.

Bottle: 200 ml

Bottle: 500 ml

Bottle: 1 litro

Bottle: 5 litri




Registration by Department of Health N° 13.523


  • FORMULA MAYER CONCENTRATO is endowed with residual effect, flushing effect and knock down effect, due to characteristic of its active substance.
  • FORMULA MAYER CONCENTRATO evolves its insecticide action against flies, mosquitos, cockroaches, woodworms, etc…, and mainly by contact or ingestion.
  • Once dispensed, it can no longer be dispersed by the rain, being practically insoluble in water.
  • FORMULA MAYER CONCENTRATO should be diluted according to doses indicated on label, and the solution should be sprayed with hand pump or pressure pump.
  • The product does not stain whitewashed walls.

Bottle: 450 ml




Registration by Department of Health N° 20.066


  • BIOMAYER is a ready-to-use watery liquid insecticide, with huge scope, quick knock down effect, flushing effect and with an excellent residual effect which lasts for 3 weeks.
  • BIOMAYER contains denatonium benzoate, an extremely bitter substance which avoids involuntary ingestion by children.
  • BIOMAYER is efficient against flying and crawling insects like mosquitos, Asian tiger mosquitos, flies, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, ants, bedbugs, dust mites and foodstuffs.
  • BIOMAYER can be used profitably at: home (bedrooms, kitchen, utility rooms and storage rooms); generic public places; industrial zones; means of transport and animal shelters.
  • Using the fitted spray nozzle (in absence of it, you can use a manual sprinkler), the product should be squirted uniformly on the surfaces frequented by insects.
  • BIOMAYER should be applied along floor edges, walls, windows, door jambs, windowsills, window fixtures, skirting boards, crevices, behind pipes, furniture, sinks, electrical appliances and in every hardly accessible place.
  • For open space treatments, employ the product along the perimeter of buildings, sidewalks, walkways, etc…
  • To control mosquitos outside, spray BIOMAYER on bushes, ornamental plants and grass.
  • Using 1 liter of product to treat 15-20 m2.

Bottle: 500 ml