Soil sterilants are used to disinfect and protect the soil from pests, such as snails and slugs. They prove essential to protect fruit, vegetable and flower cultivations, as they contribute to yielding a goods crop and, at the same time, playing a relevant role under an economic point of view.





Registration by Department of Health N. 5574 on 15/11/1983


  • LIMACEMAYER is a granular formulation recommended to battle gastropods (snails and slugs), which are harmful for market gardening and arboriculture.
  • its granular composition make this suitable to be used by scattering.
  • LIMACEMAYER works by ingestion, it is resistant to wind and it does not melt nor its actions is neutralized by rain.
  • LIMACEMAYER should be used in horticulture.
  • In vegetable gardens, greenhouses and hot places, LIMACEMAYER should be dispensed in little heaps; in fields, LIMACEMAYER granules should be dispensed on a strip (1.5-2 meters width) along the perimeter of the fields to create some protective barriers.
  • Inside the fields, it is advisable to dispense LIMACEMAYER in little heaps near to plants to protect.

Sachet: 1 kG